Map 3 is here!

MrGhettoCraft Owner posted Jul 15, 17
Map 3 New Features
The beta is now over, and Map 3 has begun! Many changes were made, and many new features were added, since we know you will all ask, here is a list.       
Map 3 General Information      
➤ This map, things will be getting heated, the reward for F-Top is $100 USD Given via PayPal.
➤ The Nether will be released on Sunday [EST]
➤ There will be a 7 day Grace Period, meaning TnT will be Disabled.

Changes / Additions / New Features      
[*1 = More information below]
New Helper - Nymphiss/Kian
SilkSpawners has been replaced with a new "Crowbar" feature. *1
New Crate - "Chance Crate" *1
Spawner Upgrades/Spawner Upgrading *1
New Custom Spawn/Custom Warzone/Custom EndKoTH *1
Envoys - New items added, and a bit of tweaking
Rankup - Rankup ingame for ingame cash, and earn different rewards per rank. *1
Website - A few modifications that can be seen upon looking at it
Genbuckets - Sand and Obsidian genbuckets added - Not purchasable in Store or Shop.
Spawner Crate - Removed
Kit Previewing - /pk (kit)
Warp Info - Full listing of new features per rank
Economy - Has been balanced, in other words, it won't be a seemingly OPF Map.
TnTFill - Bugs regarding TnTFill have been fixed
Baltop - Modified to look better, and be more acurate.
FFA - Removed
Mob Bosses - Will be added soon, tweaking is still needed
Scoreboard - New and Improved, changes can be seen by looking at it.
Mob Drops - Certain mobs have custom drops *1
HeadHunter - ./sellhead
Map Size - Overworld - 10,000 x 10,000 | Nether - 5,000 x 5,000
WarpPvP - Added | Built by @PettyJerqo
FactionAutoKick - 30 Days
End Events *1
Vanilla Enchants *1

More Information      
Crowbar - Crowbars are now used to mine spawners, instead of a SilkTouch pickaxe. Crowbars have a limit on how many spawners they can mine before they break, and cannot be obtained in /shop. These can be obtained in Envoys, Gem crates, and Votecrates.
Chance Crate - This is a crate that can either give luck, or not. Upon using a chance crate, you can be spoiled, walk away the same, or walk away with nothing.
Spawner Upgrading/Boosting-
Spawners can now be boosted - This means you can use a boost on a spawner to boost the amount of mobs spawned per spawner. This will not last forever.
Spawners can also be upgraded - This means that once you upgrade a spawner, it acts like there are 2 spawners, and so on. However, once a spawner is mined, the upgrades are removed and must be purchased again.
KoTH - We have added KoTH events! These events are held periodically, on a set timer. The winner of the KoTH will get very nice rewards.
Rankups - We have added a way to rankup to Ingame levels (not /store ranks) using ingame cash. Each level costs a larger amount of money, and certain levels give rewards and perks.
Rankup Commands: /rankup - Opens a GUI to rankup /ranks - Lists all ranks and their costs. /rankrewards - Lists all rank rewards
Mob Drops - We have added custom Mob drops for this map on certain mobs. A list is below: Creeper: Chance to get TnT instead of gunpowder Silverfish: Drop Emeralds Pigmen: A chance to drop netherwart
End Events - An enderdragon is spawned and has custom drops such as spawners, and special enchanted armor. This is a FFA style event, pvp is enabled.
Vanilla Enchants - Certain armor pieces will give enchants such as permanent speed 2, resistance, and so on.(edited)